Thursday, 22 March 2007

SWOT: Housing


  • Relatively low number of areas with concentrations of poverty.
  • High quality, inclusive public sector housing with strong international reputation.
  • Public sector housing in physically good repair.
  • Public sector housing policy promotes social equality.
  • HITAS system provides affordable housing for middle income earners.


  • Lack of joined up regional housing policy resulting in a shortage of available land for new public housing.
  • Shortage of sites for new housing puts upward pressure on house prices.
  • Disincentives for municipalities to provide sites for new housing.
  • Urban sprawl.


  • Decline in perception of public housing in relatively early stages.
  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of innovations in housing design that responds to changing social and environmental priorities.
  • Low population density provides opportunity for growth on intensified existing urban sites.
  • Potential trade off between local income tax and property tax to stabilize house prices.


  • Emerging ghettos in the east of the city.
  • Private sector housing prone to price instability. Boom and bust.
  • Increased social issues in public sector housing (vandalism and crime) may result in those who can moving out leaving this as a housing of last resort.

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