Thursday, 17 May 2007

London 2066

When you start looking, you find urban visions of the future everywhere. Here's a drawing of London 2066, as envisioned by Zaha Hadid for Vogue magazine in 1991.

Inspirational stuff.


monospace said...

great stuff indeed. Do you have any more info for these drawings? they are great, as most Hadid stuff is..

thanx for sharing.

Kosmograd said...

Glad you like it - it certainly struck a chord with me when looking how to present our Helsinki vision. I love how the river Thames shows the transition from the plan view to the perspective view.

It's featured in the recent Complete Projects publication, as well as the 1998 Thames and Hudson Zaha Hadid: the Complete Buildings and projects, where it says:

"This work presents our most radical shake-up of the metropolis in both diagrammatic and pictorial terms within a single painting - and it should be judged by this radicalness. We studied plans of the open spaces, rail, road, water and air routes, and borough layout and restructured the entire plan. As the brush moves over London from the west, strands converge, stretch and continue - not always in parallel - towards the east. These strokes cut new section-lines of air and area for what we believe could be new areas for buildings, for it is the very intersection of vertical structures to the ground where public activities would be intensified in this new plan."

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